In the following paragraph, you’ll learn more about the purposes for which cookies are used.


Based on your consent, we store and read information on your end device, in order to subsequently process the collected personal data.

This takes place in particular to:


Present you with relevant advertisements, content or online banners

Create online advertisements with information that may be of interest to you

Prevent you from repeatedly being exposed to the same advertisements

Provide you with a personalised user experience

Moreover, based on your consent, your data may be transferred to countries outside of the EU for a limited time, for example the US. As a rule, this transfer will be additionally secured by the conclusion of EU standard contractual clauses, if necessary with supplementary contractual, organisational or technical measures.

Analytics and marketing cookies enable us to better understand your individual user behaviour on our websites, and make it possible to personalise the websites for you.


For this purpose, we collect information about your activities on our websites and merge it into an interest profile with reference to a cookie ID. Said profile enables us to provide you with relevant content and product information. Furthermore, the cookies use the collected information to limit the amount of product information and to avoid an excessive presence.


Analytics and marketing cookies, including those from selected third-party providers, so-called third-party cookies, are placed on our websites based on your consent. These cookies are usually under the exclusive control of the third-party providers. When you agree to their use, you consent to their use not only with respect to us, but also with the respect to the respective third-party provider. Further information on those cookies, as well as the respective third-party provider that controls these cookies, is available on the Cookie Policy page, including all integrated data processing by third party providers (e.g. tags, scripts, pixel).


If you have separately consented to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes, including the creation of a customer profile, for example in a declaration of consent after logging in, data from the interest profile may also be used for this purpose. Said data sharing requires that we can link the cookie ID to your customer profile, for instance when you visit our website and login with your account.

Google Analytics


This data processing is used for the purpose of website analytics. It uses cookies to differentiate requests from different browsers and to store helpful information that we will retrospectively analyse. The cookies may also be used to associate browsing information to customer records.

Who’s placing it:

Google Ireland Limited

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This processing is performed by Youtube in order to guarantee the functionality of the player.

Who’s placing it:

Google Ireland Limited

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We maintain online presence on social networks and platforms in order to communicate with our customers, interested parties, and users and to inform them about our services. We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. When visiting each of these platforms, you as a user agree to the terms and conditions and the data processing guidelines of the corresponding operator.


Unless stated otherwise in our data privacy notice, we process user data if users communicate with us on these social networks and platforms, e.g. publish posts on our pages or send us messages.



We store and read essential cookies on your end device, in order to subsequently process the collected personal data.


This takes place in particular to:


Enable you to navigate between pages without losing your previous actions from the same browser session

Provide you with multimedia content that meets your technical requirements

Remember your past actions, such as the choice for your previous cookie consent

Ensure our website is created error-free and to continue improving it

Ensure an optimal load distribution when loading our websites

Store your data for authentication purposes



In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain our purposes for using cookies and similar technologies on our websites, we also offer you the opportunity to modify your consent to our use or to revoke your consent at any time.



Cookies and web storage technologies, such as Local Storage and Session Storage, referred to as “cookies”, facilitate your interaction with our websites. As soon as you visit our websites, cookies are downloaded by the internet browser to your end device, for example as a small text file. Third-party technologies, like scripts, pixels and tags, which we integrate into our websites for advertising purposes, also place cookies on your end device. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain to you what we use these technologies for, and how to adjust the settings to your needs.



Cookies take care of many different tasks that contribute to a seamless and interactive online experience. For this to work, you need to always use the same end device and the same browser. Some specific cookies are essential for the running and maintenance of our websites, because they enable us to:


Provide you with the services of your preference at all times

Present you with specific and relevant information

Offer you a seamless and comfortable online experience



Cookies show us how you use and interact with our websites, for instance, when you save your settings and user ID. This helps us to:


Provide you with a more personal experience by bringing you to the most important pages in a more efficient way

Remind us of some of your personal preferences

Guide you to useful content or pages


Cookies help us understand how visitors use our websites, and they enable us to make any necessary improvements. For example, cookies make it possible to analyse what type of content is popular, and create similar topics that could be equally relevant to our visitors. This, in turn, helps us to:


Improve the design of our websites and provide you with a better online experience

Try different approaches and present our visitors with content that is most relevant to them



Our websites may use cookies for retargeting purposes. This means that cookies store information from your browsing history to track your interests and activity on our websites. This helps us, or our advertising partners, to present you with:


Relevant advertising for our products on other websites, which is based on your visits to our website

A combination of relevant and specific information, so that the displayed advertising matches your interests


Both data processing and associated cookies may be deployed on our websites. Depending on function and purpose, we have divided data processing into different categories. The intended purpose of each respective category is described on this page, and your consent to said categories can also be modified here. Each category lists all related data processing, if any, as well as the cookies that are normally used for said data processing.


Please find further information on the various cookie categories at the start of this page, under “Modifications and Details”.



Cookies support a better and faster online experience. A cookie is a small text file that stores internet settings. Almost every website uses cookies. When you visit a website for the first time, the cookies are downloaded by your internet browser. The next time you visit this website using the same end device, the website recognises you and displays content that is tailored to your personal needs and interests. The cookies mentioned below are synonymous with HTML5 Session Web Storage and HTML5 Local Web Storage.



First party cookies are cookies that we, or contracted service providers, place on the website and with which you interact if you continue to use our website.



Our websites may also contain content from other providers (third-party providers), who possibly use their own cookies. Third-party providers may place cookies during your visit to our websites that request information like, for example, whether you loaded one of our websites. Please go to the website of the third-party provider to learn more about their use of cookies. In the detailed list under “Modifications and Details”, you’ll find information on the respective third-party providers and a reference to their data privacy statement. You can reject cookies from third-party providers at any time, by using the corresponding function on our websites. When you reject all third-party cookies, we’ll only be able to provide you with the functionality on our websites that can be used without such cookies. In this case, the sections of our websites where third-party content is integrated, which requires the placing of third-party cookies, won’t be available to you. A notification will inform you of this. If you still want to access the unavailable content on the website, you’ll need to agree to the use of analytics and marketing cookies. Please use the corresponding function on our websites to give or revoke your consent. Please refer to the list of cookies for more information on integrated third party data processing (e.g. tags, scripts, pixels).



When you reject cookies that require your consent, we’ll duly accept your decision and refrain from placing the respective cookies. If you revoke your consent for cookies, we’ll stop placing cookies that require consent starting from your visit to the next page. We’ll delete any first-party cookies, insofar as this is technically possible. You may, of course, refuse the use of analytics and marketing cookies. However, this will prevent us from understanding what you like or dislike about our websites, and from making any necessary improvements. Please note that we cannot delete third-party cookies. If you would like to delete all third-party cookies, please go to your browser settings. We would also like to make you aware that revoking your consent to cookies won’t result in less advertising. Rather, it means that the displayed advertising isn’t tailored to your personal needs.



You can manage cookie settings via the aforementioned features on our website, and also through changing your browser settings (enable, disable, and delete). Most browsers allow you to manage cookies by either accepting or rejecting all cookies. Go to the help section of your browser to learn more about how to manage and delete cookies. When you change your cookie settings, certain cookies will be blocked. In this case, you may not fully benefit from some features on our website. We may also be unable to provide you with certain content that you have previously seen or used.



The information collected via cookies is primarily processed within the European Union (EU). In some cases, it may happen that cookie information is processed by our contracted service providers or by third-party cookie providers in countries outside the EU, which don’t provide a level of data protection equivalent to the EU. In some countries, for example the US, the notable risk exists that local authorities may obtain access to cookie information processed there for monitoring purposes. No effective legal remedies are in place to prevent this. We have implemented additional and adequate security measures, like for instance contracts on the basis of EU standard contractual clauses, in addition to the implementation of complementary technical measures, to ensure that the information collected by cookies is protected appropriately. Insofar as you’ve given your consent to the category “Analytics and Marketing Cookies”, you also agree to the transfer and further processing of the information collected by cookies in countries outside of the EU.

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