Jeep Safari in Hurghada



Jeep safari in Hurghada and the quad tour are one of the most popular destinations for recreational excursions. Jeep safari means you’ll reach the Bedouin village by car. For those traveling with children, it is much more convenient. At the beginning of the program, we will ride ATVs (45 min), then you can try to drive a buggy (20 min). However, if you don’t want to ride or have ridden for 10 minutes and your hands hurt, you can return to the garage and wait for the group to return. It has a canopy to make your stay more comfortable. After the quad tour, the whole group will go to a Bedouin village. Views of the desert and mountains are waiting for you along the way, and in the settlement, you’ll try fragrant Bedouin tea and, of course, hear an informative story about the life of Bedouins. You’ll see the local bread-making process and even taste it. Of course, the bravest can ride a camel, immersing in the atmosphere of the desert and feeling like part of a caravan. After that, you will return to the station, and on the way, you can watch the sunset against the background of the mountains.

14 $/€

Children from 6 to 11 years old - 7 $/€
Approximate time of the tour from 1:30 to 7:00 pm

Book online now and pay later at the trip day

The price includes:

The price doesn't include:

14 $/€
Children – 7 $/€

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