Hurghada – Luxor 2 days + hot air ballon ride over Luxor



The 2-day Hurghada excursion to Luxor is a great choice for those who want to get to know the history of Egypt better, touch antiquity, and see the incredible buildings still stranding during our lifetime. Luxor trip from Hurghada is a 300 km ride by road. However, we won’t say we will reach the place in three hours. Egypt is divided between posts that work at certain hours, and its workload is always different. But we don’t have to rush back before closing time since we’ll stay overnight in Luxor. Hence, we will have time to see all the sights not included in the day trip. First, we will visit the Dendera Temple to Hathor in Qena. Its construction took about 200 years. Unfortunately, back then, people used it for other purposes – there were stables and bonfires, and the soot on the ceilings reminds us about it. However, it has not lost its grandeur and unique elegance.
 Next, we will go to the Karnak temple in Luxor. It is a huge temple complex, the construction of which took centuries. Every pharaoh tried to leave a memory of himself by erecting a new structure in Karnak. About 15 pharaohs, steles, columns, and statues, the size and number of which are unbelievable, have left their mark here.
Next, we will cross to the other side of the Nile to have lunch and visit the temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon. Hatshepsut is the second woman who took power and ruled instead of her stepson Thutmose the Third. However, he was angry at his stepmother and tried to erase all memories of her from the face of the earth. Hence, the restoration of the temple of Hatshepsut was a long process. We will also see the Colossi of Memnon, which, by the way, don’t depict Memnon. These are the statues of Amenhotep III that were supposed to stand guard at the entrance to his memorial complex. Unfortunately, its condition is bad, but two impressive statues remain a mute reminder of its former greatness.
It concludes the first day of our trip.

The next morning ( an hour before sunrise), we will go for a hot air balloon ride. We will be in the air for about 30 minutes, returning to the hotel for breakfast later.
The next day includes the Luxor Temple, the valley of the Sphinxes. After crossing the Nile by boat, we’ll have lunch and see the temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu. The last stop will be the Valley of the Nobles.

There is a lot to tell about the Luxor Temple. The most famous part of it is the statues of Ramses at the entrance, very effectively illuminated at night. The temple of Ramses III is a perfectly preserved example of a memorial complex.
Also, it is worth mentioning the Valley of the Nobles. You will find almost nothing about them on the Internet. Previously there were only individual excursions. The system there is very difficult to understand – several necropolises, ongoing excavations, and several entrances. Some of them are suitable for visiting, and some are not. The Valley of the Nobles concludes our Luxor trip from Hurghada.  

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Two days

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150 $/€
Children – 75 $/€

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