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Hurghada is in the Arabian Desert, famous for its beauty and diverse landscape. Instead of sand, it has sandstone (from which pyramids were built at one time). You can see beautiful granite, marble, and other stones all over the desert. And, of course, it has beautiful mountains, especially at sunset. If you still decide to go on safari in Hurghada, the Super Safari program is a great option that will suit even families with children. Our Hurghada quad tour begins at the base, where you can ride quads and buggies. Those who do not want to ride can sit in the shade and wait for the others. After this, we will go to the Bedouin village by jeep. There you will have the opportunity to ride camels and taste Bedouin tea. The guide will tell you about the life of the Bedouins. You will see how they bake national bread and will be able to taste it. After that, we will return to the base, but our program does not end there. We’ll also have an all-inclusive dinner and a show program after. At the show, you can see the national dance with skirts (tanura), fakir show, and belly dance. After the program, you will go back to the hotel.

15 $/€

Children from 6 to 11 years old - 8 $/€
Approximate time of the tour from 1:30 to 7:00 pm

Book online now and pay later at the trip day

The price includes:

The price doesn't include:

15 $/€
Children – 8 $/€

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