VIP Dolphin House



A VIP yacht trip to the dolphin house is a great option if you don’t like crowded, noisy tours. The number of people on the boat will be from 8 to 10. Since the boat is large, you will not interfere with each other, and everyone will be comfortable. We start our journey at 7 am. After we leave, we immediately head towards the dolphin house. We do not guarantee you’ll meet them, but there’s a 95% chance you’ll do.

Morning coolness and the sea breeze create a wonderful atmosphere for breakfast. We will treat you to a traditional Egyptian breakfast, which includes falafel, French fries, eggs, bread, jam, and cheese. As soon as we find the dolphins, we will swim with them. Next, we will go to a beautiful reef for snorkeling. After that, we’ll have lunch (barbecue or seafood, depending on the day). The cost of snorkeling equipment, lunch, breakfast, and all soft drinks on the yacht are included in the price.

After lunch, we will go around the sea again and look for dolphins. As soon as we find them, we will stop to swim nearby. At 4-5 o’clock, we return to the harbor.

50 $/€

Children from 6 to 11 years old - 30 $/€

Approximate time of the tour from 8 to 16 hours.

Book online now and pay later at the trip day

The price includes:

The price doesn't include:

50 $/€
Children – 30 $/€

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